In the early XXth century, talking about sustainability did not mean as much as it means today. However, the sense of the word pointed towards making use of existing resources,to give them the opportunity of a second life. This is when the history of PRIVATA began. A pioneer in the recycling industry. In 1925 the company started making sweaters with recycled wool, and that was an unprecedented decision, still identifying this iconic brand today.

Concern about our environment and promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle to preserve it is right in the company’s DNA from the very beginning. These principles are a part of every production process, including the stage of designing products.

The new collections of sweaters by this company are still made from recycled wool. Products faithfully represent the original patterns and colours identifying Privata, with natural and neutral shades, mainly gray, blue, navy blue, and beige. All, in an attractive range of sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets, so very versatile, sober, and elegant. The company also makes gloves with recycled materials.

Privata also makes eco-friendly products, marked with a label certifying materials used come from recycled plastic bottles.

Sustainable accessories
The line is known as Urban Rustic, and features mixtures of fibres that create a shaded look, natural and worn. There are also embroidery patterns in thick wool, and viscose/wool mixtures. This collection is all about sustainability. For some products, the company uses polyester fibres, from recycled plastic water bottles.

Functional design for purses
Privata creates purses that combine functionality, design, and quality. The collection comproses backpacks, fanny bags, convertible purses. We find metallized and glossy looks, and mostly warm colours like forest green, burgundy, and navy blue. Though the more daring olive green is also present.

The line for men proposes a number of collections: wallets in a more classic or youthful style, in various types of leather like nappa; and there are bags in waxed leather, synthetic leather, nylon, and nappa.

The collection of scarves brings in a completely new sense into the marketkplace, as print patterns are reproductions of some legendary paintings by Vincent van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, and Claude Monet.

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