Walking barefoot on soft grass, feeling the coolness against our foot soles is one of the most pleasant sensations Belvida’s new styles can offer us. The label has made comfort its identity seal.

Every element lending life to the new collection has to do with the idea of wellness, and not just physical but emotional. The last, sole pads, leathers, and colours are chosen to create pleasant emotions when wearing these shoes, though just the look of them are also inspiring of a sense of wellbeing.

Serenity and joy are concepts defining design by this brand that makes shoes for women with an intense personal lifestyle, requiring comfortable though resistant footwear that pays close attention to esthetics, with beautiful, slightly Bohemian lines, that will perfectly complement any summer outfit.

Sandals have been conceived for long days at work or lengthy walks, and they have become true summer classics because they proved to be so comfortable, light in weight, and designed to easily match your look, anytime. So easy to wear.

As usual, footwear made by Belvida features comfortable exchangeable sole pads that make all sandals in the extensive catalogue the most comfortable choice. And ever since the beginning, the company’s products are conceived and made to take care of our health, a principle ruling every one of the production steps.

In terms of esthetics, new collections by this company bring rich colours in pretty print patterns, geometrical and floral, with design alternatives that are timeless, always right, and in the right colours and shades that bring variety for there are soft, neutral whites, beige, sand and more intense shades of blue, red, and green.


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