Innovating in soles and loyal in design and materials

Belvida is the Portuguese label in comfort footwear for men and women. The new 2022 spring-summer collection is presented by this company with the usual quality materials and perfect fit whatever the width chosen. For the name identifying maximum comfort, also in these new styles.

For the coming summer season, Belvida remains loyal to those styles widely accepted by all clients, adapting them to new trends in terms of materials and colours. However, the company has also created interesting novelties, with various soles and among them, a flat-sole style with exchangeable pads that addressed younger consumers who also prioritize comfort when choosing shoes.

As usual with Belvida, soles are an important factor in the lightweight-flexibility equation. All styles are designed and made to allow for sold pad replacement if prescribed by the orthopedist or recommended by reflexologists.

Jordi Bonet distributes Belvida in Spain, and points out that the new 2022 spring-summer collection “maintains its identity in terms of materials and designs while bringing in new soles. Like every season, we follow trends with creations that combine leather types and a full range of cool summer shades. This is always with the goal of offering footwear that stands out for its comfort, quality, and design”.

Belvida exports most of its production and is well known and present in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. While in Spain it enjoys a solid reputation, there is still room for growth and development.


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