Calzados Pegada, a company established in Brazil in 1989, manufactures comfort footwear with quality materials and modern design to meet the preferences and needs of the numerous clients in its portfolio. Always aware of the latest fashion trends, the company continues to invest in advanced tech and human resources in order to offer differentiated, stylish products.

The Brazilian company’s footprint extends around 70 countries, and every season it brings into the marketplace a wide range of various styles for everyone, from shoes for social events, to loafers, boots and sandals, all of the perfect for daily challenges. The goal is to guarantee maximum comfort in everyday activities, so Calzados Pegada works exclusively with high-quality materials like leather, developing technologies beyond the field of footwear esthetics.

The latest technology developments

With the aim of offering comfort and style in all footwear products, the company invests in research and the development of new technologies for shock absorption when walking, so everyone choosing Pegada footwear products will feel maximum comfort.

Shock absorption, Amortech, is highly resistant and based on an air bubble in the heel area, reducing pressure, absorbing shock at every step due to smart design involving grooves on flexible soles. Levitech, on the other hand, is a system consisting of low-density EVA soles, resistant, very light in weight, and guaranteeing full comfort.

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