Comfort Class, the label identifying comfortable footwear in every sense, combining perfection with updated, attractive design, has completed planned restyling work on the logotype and image of this brand. “We updated our brand image by means of changes to the design and look of our logotype. This, in order to updated the image of Comfort Class and adapt it to consumers’ demands, as they tend to seek comfort footwear made from quality materials and upholding the concepts of design and the latest fashion trends. The new image of Comfort Class will be presented with our 2022-23 autumn-winter season collection”, company directors explained.

The image of Comfort Class features a new style, and this is also in tune with actions in the area of advertising. Actions planned by the company stand out with renewed support to stores in terms of direct marketing, magazine ads and a TV campaign, mostly evident in commercials included in the morning show hosted by journalist Ana Rosa Quintana, during the second half of September.

Company sources comment, “The idea of comfort footwear for people of a given age, with given foot conditions, is now outdated. Today, people of all ages want footwear that feels comfortable throughout the day as they go about their activities, causing no problems. Without a doubt, fashion and trendy styles found today in this kind of footwear also mean that client profiles have substantially changes. The new image of our Comfort Class brand will make it possible to show what we do along these lines, so that consumers will have us in mind whenever choosing comfort footwear”.

Special lasts and anatomically designed sole pads in Comfort Class footwear ensure comfort. The company is always working with the latest technical innovations in terms of comfort, and in tune with fashion trends to offer consumers comfort footwear they can wear on every occasion, regardless of their activities.

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