The spring-summer 23 sportswear collection by J’hayber is built around 4 strategic concepts: comfort, technique, design/fashion, and colour.

Comfort is the element common to all product lines, in the various components of footwear, mainly materials, soles, and sole pads. The comfort sole pads are one more factor making footwear so easy to wear, in addition to soft, breathable, flexible materials enhancing comfort.

Technique is represented competitively, mostly in these product families: Running, Paddle, and Mountain. More precisely, Running features a newly developed sole, much lighter in weight. For Paddle, the company designed a core carbon balance component that makes the new sole more stable, resistant, and safer. Mountain continues to feature “Aqua Repellent”, and breathable “Fly-structure” mesh systems, along with the “Dual breathable tech-mesh”.

Design and fashion go hand in hand with the new image of the Jh logotype, new, fresh, and young. The brand continues to combine materials and developing new trends, as identify seals. At the same time, Retro Running and painted soles are among the most visible signs of the company’s strength.

Colour is the differentiating element, mostly in the Women, Junior, and Kid lines, so personal in all footwear styles, with colours that mix and merge, catching the eye and making each product original.

J’hayber is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and marks the occasion with Origen, developed under the same standards as the iconic Olimpo, with additional new colours like navy blue, red, and yellow now included in the original to bring in the full image of creativity.



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