J’hayber reflects the latest trends in the new 2021/22 autumn-winter collection. By mixing textures, colours, and khaki shades, trends stand out in styles for men and women.

Sneakers continue to be chosen for daily wear, in multiple combinations, so J’hayber has created a more casual and urban collection.

Mixing textures

Stakes are all on casual sneakers, with mixed fabric types and juxtaposed parts, contributing a variety of textures to footwear. Split leather, microfibre, and nylon, are the most widely used materials for these combinations, though we also find animal print patterns and metalized parts in sneakers for women.

Mixing colours

Mixing textures, and mixing colours, as a way of lending new dynamics to footwear. Classic, plain sneakers do have their space in every collection, though the new trend calls for lively, marked contrasts. This season we find basics like navy blue, black, or gray, combined with red, orange, khaki, yellow and fuchsia, and in sneakers for women, also silver and gold.

Khaki shades 

Khaki, or olive green, as a star shade this season. J’hayber brings us this new trend in block colours or contrasting shades like navy blue, yellow or beige, mostly for men. This coming winter promises to be merry, with lively colours inviting diversity into the scene, so nobody can remain indifferent.


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