The extensive selection of sneakers and party shoes rules over the 2023 spring-summer collection
by Italian Keys. Design, colour, and variety define footwear for women by the company this
coming season.
For next summer, Keys brings an extensive number of party footwear styles, comprising ballerinas,
high-heeled shoes in so many different colours, patent leather shoes with a whiff of Retro air and
wide heels that take us back to the ‘80s…all of this makes a fun, party shoes collection.
As to sneakers, Keys has brought in new soles and added them to the usual ones, in a great
number of colours that include fluo, animal print, pastel shades, fuchsia, pistachio green… Lively
and so very summerlike, they lend personality to the company’s sneakers this coming season.
Keys wants to point out that “the company continues to offer the usual quality in terms of leather
and materials, without raising prices. Keys is offering the usual quality, at the usual competitive

Giorgia Palmas is the new image of Keys. The famous Italian TV celebrity, an actress and model will
now replace Elisabetta Gregoraci, who used to represent this label.
Keys has chosen Giorgia Palmas as an expression of all those women who face life’s challenges
every day, dynamic, versatile, energetic women who, of course, choose Keys footwear.

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