Lois empowers the hybrid spirit of its footwear creations this 2023 summer season, with design lines that aptly go from casual to urban. Along with this innovation in the esthetics of styles, the brand brings new, technical properties with Lois Shock Absorption. The sole pads will absorb shock when walking on any type of surface, making footwear more versatile and functional.

In terms of design, new proposals by this historical Spanish company bring attractive Pop-style, lively brushstrokes with great visual effects.  And as to trends, Lois amazes with impressive basic sneakers and revolutionary lines focusing on a spirit of adventure. Collections also include updated classic styles that become timeless, always conceived for a modern lifestyle. Eco-sustainable technologies back the section of injected and vulcanized products by Lois.

Innovation by Lois is reflected in eco-friendly footwear made from vegetable materials, with recycled nubuck, chrome-free fabrics, sports and tech textile materials and EcoMfort sole pads, produced following absolutely environmentally respectful processes.

New looks by Lois also create the comfortable-chic partnership, the tech trend merging the real and virtual worlds further emphasizing this concept. Innovative fabrics and technical materials make even the more formal styles for work so much more comfortable and easy to wear, for the collection focuses mainly on the creation of functional products meeting clients’ needs and expectations. The trend is present everywhere, from street shoes to more technical footwear that bring a full range of different colours and quality materials that enhance the comfort of details included.


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