The second edition of Misaf is dedicated to the moving shoe and its everyday’s functions The next Milan Shoes and Accessories Fair Will be held from 10 to 12 June 2020 at Studio Novanta, via Mecenate, and aims aims to be a showcase for everyone’s footwear and for all innovative and eco-sustainable mobility of certified quality. The fair Will provide an overview of the means that more than any other accompanies us from morning to evening with many proposals for men, women and children including elegant and casual shoes, sneakers, outdoor shoes; the vest of Asian manufacturing that perfectly combines quality, Price and design.

At Misaf 2020 there Will be brands including Max Bahr, with a line of stylish sports shoes and technological flair compliant with the 4.0 Industry, Ranch Footwear, a cutting Edge company paying much attention to quality (compliant with SEDEX and ISO9001 standards) and sustainability equipped with an R&D Department to better meet the needs of European customers; Sheme, the first Chinese women’s footwear Brand to take part in the European luxury fashion weeks, capable of combining the ancient and artistic/traditional Chinese charm of the Sichuan embroidery (Unesco’s intangible cultural heritage) with western luxury footwear craftmanship and international design. At Misaf, Chinese manufactures Will exhibit their products directly to buyers and distributors without any intermediaries, giving them the opportunity to buy shoes at affordable rates for all their reference markets and sectors

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