Noco purses and accessories are created to help women every day, at all times. Because Noco is known for the neat lines and excellent making of every product.

Just like in all other seasons, the new creations by this company are made for women with intense personal and work lifestyles who need multipurpose purses that will adapt to an endless number of situations.

Every Noco purse is designed with new trends and materials in mind, so that one of the foundational pillars of products by this company will be fashion. Noco styles become trend-setting, so it is hard to resist them.

The variety of styles and products is one of the characteristics of this company designing and manufacturing products inspired in women, always sensitive to their daily needs and preferences. All-terrain purses will always live up to esthetic and functional expectations, every time.

Noco knows that purses need to be pretty, attractive, without compromising requirements like capacity, light weight, versatility, and preference for those essentially necessary compartments so that everything has it is own place. Every product has a great market potential because of the excellent making and good quality-price ratio. For this coming season, Noco has designed exclusive styles made from sophisticated materials with 3D effect texture in black and white that looks like lush sackcloth. The summer collection brings all kinds of styles and shapes: messenger bags, shopping bags, double handle tote bags, hand purses and wallets.

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