The new season Italian Pregunta opens will ensure sales are successful on account of the exclusive, original design of products and the perfect making resulting from that admired Italian traditional artisanship in leather creations.

Pregunta knows how to develop essential footwear in every respect, from the most functional components like the lasts, heels, soles, and accessories. Starting from the original idea, and right up to the very last detail in every product, creators in the team study and oversee every step and element in the process of producing footwear, guaranteeing quality.

This coming season, Pregunta proposes its very own design lines breathing style and beauty, joy, and the cool, fresh air of youth.

A number of styles, all of them tempting and unique, comprise flat loafers, fine and distinguished stilettos, elegant clogs, Venetian styles and shoes with very high esparto grass platforms that never compromise comfort, along with sneakers that catch the eye because of their sophisticated urban details.

Bio soles, wood heels, esparto grass, among other elements, lend life to beautiful creations while the colour palette enhances their appeal, with coral red, turquoise, sand beige, and olive green, the shades reflecting the inspiring Mediterranean landscapes.

Agent in Spain: Witondar S.L. – T. 648 926 020

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