International model Lauren Auerbach stars the 2022 Spring-Summer collection by Refresh, the coolest and most youthful line by Xti group.

This new season, the label proposes an endless number of models that amaze consumers, always reflecting fashion trends and contributing a personal touch, filling the most longed-for season of the year with colour and fresh air.

Refresh brings us trendy, daring, young, fun and fresh models. The most original and casual designs, summer prints, and lots of colour. Soft, breathable, comfortable materials combine with light, flexible, functional and trendy design.

Refresh is known for its commitment towards preserving our environment, as it uses 100% Vegan materials and promoting social awareness and sustainability. This adds great value to the brand, as do manufacturing volumes and logistics, developed to offer quality, fast service.

The company’s sales and communications agents, always in B2B connection. The advertising and communications strategy defines client satisfaction, supported by pioneering branding investment.


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