It was the era of legroom and block heels, of up-dos and pixie cuts, of style icons like Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot. The fashion fundamentals of the Swinging Sixties are still defining style today. No wonder designers are rediscovering the fashion relics of the sixties. In shoe fashion, too, Mary-Janes, trotteur models and slingbacks are now being carried along on the nostalgia wave. Mary Janes are being reimagined with signature instep straps and progressive platform heels, and are the perfect complement to the resurgence of new classic fashion

Delicate pastel shades are just as much a part of the good retro tone as the rounded lasts, which are particularly in focus with the trotteur types.


KEY-COLOURS: colorful pastel shades

SHOE TYPES: Mary-Janes, progressive trotteurs, embellished slingbacks 

MATERIALS: vegan uppers – patent materials and high-quality faux leather

LAST SHAPES: round toes, square forms

DETAILS: platforms, block heels, Mary Jane straps, logo embellishments

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